Sunday, 21 November 2010

First Christmas Decorations are Up

I'll have to whisper this in case Santa hears and sends my presents back to the North Pole - I hate putting up Christmas decorations. Everyone else is keen to "get the decorations up" but after they've put the 100th ball on the tree, their enthusiasm starts to slow, and I end up adding red bauble, red bauble, silver infinitum it seems.

So this year I have a plan. I'm sneaking the decorations up one or two at a time. Here are the first - a little wooden heart with a Santa brought home recently by my Mum from Germany.

And here's a simple home made one, seen here hanging on its bird friends who sit on my desk. It is a little cut out of cardboard bird made from instructions in Country Living. Really, it is very simple - cut out a bird shape from cardboard - best if you have any tame children to draw it for you - then you can claim the imperfections as "charming" rather than just a rubbish bird shape.
Then make a little horizontal slit where wings attach to body, and poke a little folded up fan of paper through. Then tie on something to hang it up with. Make it as fancy or plain as time and finances allow.


  1. I'm with you on the Xmas decs, Primrose. I'm not a fan of putting them up or decorating the tree. Bah humbug.

    Btw, my daughter and I made some of those birds last year.

  2. Hi Primrose,
    I just found you through Chez Larsson, and wanted to say that I LOVE the square crystal knobs on that cupboard in the first photo.
    LOVE them.
    Jo xx
    Did your mum go on one of those weekends trips to a German Christmas market ? or was she just on holiday ?
    Jo xx