Saturday, 10 December 2011

100 Flowers in the Snow and it is Snowing

Last night I finished joining together all of the 100 Flowers in the Snow.
Woke up this morning to this, the first snow of the year.
Here's a picture of the complete blanket laid out on the rug:

And here is the back to give an indication of the number of ends that need to be sewn in on a blanket of this type.You can see where I have started to do this already.It will take a couple of nights of movie watching to finish this.

I'm not sure at the moment whether to make this bigger - it is about half the size needed for a single bed. I might just leave it this size. Can't decide :)


  1. Dear Primrose,
    this blanket is wonderful. It is a very hard work. So so beautiful. I am still making a blanket for my daughter but yours is so good. Very good colors..
    Best wishes..

  2. It looks great! I often have afghan size doubts too - see how you feel after weaving in the ends :).