Friday, 20 March 2009

Big Granny Squares for a Baby

Whew! Finally finished the big granny squares. I blocked them on a spare single mattress dragged out of the cupboard - laid a beach towel on it, and dragged the whole lot on top of the chesterfield sofa in the living room. Having a bit flat arm all the way round, it was ideal for holding the mattress. Big groans from the family when they couldn't get a seat to watch telly. Oh well.

The big grannies are a little bit squint even after blocking. I think that the bigger they get the more little flaws are magnified. Anyway, I'm pleased with the result and I think it is going to look good on the baby bed.

Now for the boring bit - sewing in the ends and sewing them all together. Nothing that a good film on telly and a couple of gin and tonics can't cure!

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