Sunday, 8 March 2009

Raggy Basket

Not liking to waste anything, this basket was made from old stretch jersey material. I took a large bag of clothing to the clothes recycling this week but I saved these because of their juicy colours. The base is made of fabric from two child size t-shirts and the sides from three child size t-shirts and an orange pair of shorts.

The orange shorts were bought from a supermarket in France when we turned up at the beach and my daughter had only jeans with her. Aren't I a great packer for the holidays? It must run in the family: when I was young, we went away camping for the weekend. When we got there, my dad got out of the car in the snow, to discover that he had no coat or sweater, but only the t-shirt he was wearing...

Anyway, I do digress: back to the stripey basket. To make it cut strips about a couple of centimetres wide. The hook is a massive 15mm (US Q-19). Don't worry if you have to join: just knot. When you are crocheting it, you will notice that it is stretchy, very stretchy. This makes it quite forgiving. Just manoevre the knots to the inside, weave them through a bit, cut off the ends - whatever looks good. Ta da...there you have it - a useful basket made from rubbish you were throwing out.

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