Wednesday, 21 April 2010

In Bruges - Easter Decorations

This is the fourth time we have visited Bruges at Easter. It feels like a second home. People ask us if we have family here, if we have a house here, but no, we are just visitors. We have no connection to Bruges, other than we all love it.

At Easter time, the people of Bruges seem to decorate. It is not just commercial decoration in shop windows, but the city itself seems to sprout eggs and chickens.

Here are some delightful chickens, or is it "hens" - I'm never sure, lol. These are decorating the upstairs windows of a pub down a little side street.

And here is a close up of the little hens. They look a bit like papier mache to me. I like the fact that they are a bit wibbly looking, and I like the expressions on their faces - it looks as though they are chatting to each other.

Here's a little egg in a wicker circular wreath, draped around a lamp.

We cycled around a corner in an ordinary street in Bruges, and spied - an egg tree.

And finally, there is the commercial face of Easter in Bruges, lest we forget, a 1m high chocolate bunny. My dentist will be pleased to know that I left it where it was, in the shop window.

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  1. what a great decorations, really adds to the occassion if Easter.