Sunday, 25 April 2010

Painting Thrifted Furniture

Here are the colours I have chosen. The tabletop here is in "Pavillion Grey" and the little pot pourri bowl is in "Mouse's Back". I bought the table (actually a little music cabinet holding my stereo) in a second hand shop about five years ago. It was originally a lovely rich mahogancy with walnut inlay, but it didn't fit into my house at all, so it has been hiding up the back of the boxroom for years. I was going to throw it out, but since coming back from the lovely Bruges house, I decided to paint it. So four coats of paint later, and here it is.

The little bowl belongs to my sister. She found it recently in a second hand shop. It is a nice shape but it was a hideous bile yellow green colour, so I painted it. It painted up nicely since it is a stoneware pottery. I did offer it back to her but she said to keep it since it looks nice in my house - nice sister.
I have still to find handles for this cupboard: I think I might have some somewhere in the shed, so I will go hunting for them later.

The paint is from Farrow and Ball. The cupboard was sanded down, then 2 coats of undercoat/primer, then 2 coats of the eggshell.


  1. oh it looks lovely, we had an old dark wood bureau which i painted duck egg blue, we were going to throw it too but it looks completely different now and im really fond of it.
    your sister is sweet too!
    fliss xx

  2. you did a great paint job. I have a few thrifted pieces waiting for a day for me to paint them...

  3. I have been painting thrifted finds lately. I love the transformations!Your table is so pretty.


    PS Thanks for stopping by.