Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hello Again, Primrose here.....

Sorry for such a long blog silence. I've been busy on other projects. I haven't stopped crocheting though.

I've missed this blog, so hopefully I'll be able to find some time to post more regularly.

My mum gave me this little bit of crochet. It used to belong to my gran, but due to an injury as a teenager, my gran couldn't crochet. My mum's granny taught her to crochet and she thinks that that was who made this. So this was likely made by my great grandmother. It's very detailed. Much more detailed than my own crochet.

Meanwhile, I've been busy as usual on the wild colours..... Here's a bed sized blanket I made for one of my daughters. It is made in acrylic so that it is machine washable, and I think there are about 20 colours in it. It is loosely based on my original vintage stripe, but it uses half trebles so it is a lot more dense than the trebles. It was quite quick to make this one - I started it on holiday in October, and finished it in time for Christmas.

I finished my Blue Beetle blanket. I designed this one to be in the back of my blue VW. Sadly, finances didn't let me buy the car, but I have the blanket anyway.

And finally a little project over New Year. Telly on, Miss Marple on, coffee and chocolates to hand. Box of wool. I am so easily pleased :)

Little cushion front. I need to just sew a back for it. My sewing machine gave up the ghost and I've been hand sewing recently. I must say that I really like hand sewing. It is strangely calming compared to all the rigmarole of setting up a sewing machine.


  1. Welcome back ~ loving your blue beetle blanket and also that cushion cover too :O)x

  2. Ooh, lovely crochet! Thank you for visiting my blog today and your lovely comment, xx

  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog today :) I came over here for a look - why haven't I been here before - "Miss Marple, chocolate and wool" are you a long lost sister ? LOL!

  4. So lovely to see you back! I love your crochet makes and what a treasure to have something made by your Great Grandma!

  5. Hello Primrose ...so lovely to see your new crochet projects, each one is so bright and colourful. Lovely to see the vintage crochet made by your great grandma too. Wishing you a happy and crafty 2014!
    Helen x