Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Magnetic Properties of Crochet

You leave a crochet blanket or two lying around, and before you know it, a cat has spotted it...

When my daughter was little and we were out and about in town, me with my hands full of shopping, and worried about losing grip of her hand, I'd say "magnetise on to me". She'd ooch up next to me like a magnet. Come to think of it sometimes I still say it but she is now 17 and looks at me a bit funny. 

In my mind when cats see crochet, they say "MAGNETISE" and before you can blink, they are on it!

I didn't want to move the cat to photograph this new blanket - another vintage stripe. The difference with this one is that I did purples and blues together, then oranges and lemons, and then greens and blues etc rather than just completely random. The other wee blanket the cat is on is a little ripple baby blanket.

1 comment:

  1. How sweet! Definitely too sweet to move for photographs. Lovely blankets, the vintage stripe has given me inspiration to start a new one.