Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wool Shop Review - Karelia House near Aberfeldy

Karelia House in Aberfeldy, Perthshire is a mixed wool, fabric, crafts shop, with coffee shop. They also have a back room where they do classes. Most important things first - they know how to make a good cake and a great espresso. Sorted :)

The cafe is spacious and very warm due to a couple of modern wood burning stoves (which they also sell). It has a mixture of cafe tables, and low sofas. I do love a comfy sofa in a cafe and if I had my crochet with me I'd have been taking advantage. I was almost tempted to buy a crochet hook and a ball of wool just to experience the effect. However, they only seemed to have bamboo crochet hooks which I'm not personally keen on.

Now for the wool - I didn't buy anything. Probably the first time I've been in a wool shop and didn't. However, bear with me, its not a complaint. The wool was exquisite - lovely soft alpacas, wools, hand dyed wools. They also had a great selection of Rowan and Noro. If I was crocheting something like gloves or a scarf then I'd be spoiled for choice, but at the moment, I'm looking for large quantities of cheaper probably synthetic wool in amazing colours to start my next blanket. They didn't have any "cheap" wool. I could have bought Rowan, but tbh, its too expensive to do a large blanket in this, and the colours are a wee bit muted for what I'm looking for.

Overall though, a great shop and one I will be definitely coming back to.


  1. Thank you, Primrose, for writing such nice things about Karelia House and we are glad you enjoyed your visit. We note your comment on cheaper yarns and we actually now have some lovely shades from Sirdar and DY Choice in stock. I will also make sure we have metal crochet hooks so next time you'll be able to relax in front of the fire with your crochet project. We are adding more to our stock so keep an eye on for the new online shop. Thanks, Shirley

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