Tuesday, 19 January 2010

More Snow on the Way

More snow on the way for us, yipee! I love snow. We don't get it often enough, and even although it becomes a bit of a nuisance, it is lovely for a while. Here is a picture taken Up North at Christmas of just the biggest icicle I've ever seen.

Over on Luisa's blog: http://www.danceinmygarden.blogspot.com/ she is donating her first etsy sale of the year to Haiti. Please buy if you can. I'm afraid that I can't at the moment but what I am doing is looking out everything I can think of and donating that to Oxfam in the hope that they can make a few pounds for Haiti or another very worthwhile cause.


  1. Hi Primrose,
    thanks for linking, I know there are many ways people can contribute. I think we are all so overwhelmed by the magnitude.
    Best of luck with your frugal year, I know it's going to be tighter in our household too, I always wonder about the meaning of frugal, and what it might mean to one person, is something completely different to another.
    You may find some help at this blog, it's brillant, full of frugal tips, and as you can see, she has oodles of followers, so there are many of us trying to live a less commercial way!



  2. Hello Primrose,
    We too are unable to donate financially at the moment so are doing the same as you.
    We did Dottie Angels challenge for Christmas and are keeping it up!
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x