Sunday, 17 January 2010

New Big Granny

Like many people, worldwide it seems, I've had a particularly nasty tummy bug this week, so haven't been at my most productive to say the least.

Have finally finished the big granny square, except for a couple of stray loose ends to weave in. Its an addictive pattern and very easy. You start off small, and just keep going, adding rounds until the square is big enough. Calling it a pattern is a bit grand: if you can do a little granny square, you can do this. By the end of this, my big granny measures about 5 feet across, and is taking just over a 50g ball of wool for each new round. What I like about patterns like this which change colour every round, or in the case of the ripple or vintage stripe: change each row, is how the colours interact.
And no, the unmatched pillowcase is not a homage to 1980's "pairs" of unmatched socks, one blue, one red. It is simply the fact that I am now completely out of clean bedlinen, having changed all 4 beds I'd guess maybe 2 billion times this week, lol.

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