Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas Books : Farrow and Ball Living with Colour

My mum says "You cannot just get books for Christmas". What is "just" about books? I say. If I could only ever buy one thing, it would be books.

Here is one of the latest, from the paint manufacturer Farrow and Ball, a UK paint maker who make eco (expensive) paints.

Look at this lovely belfast sink. One day I might get my Belfast Sink plumbed in. I've only owned it since 1996, unplumbed in, after all.

And talking of books: a big coffee, a box of chocolates, and I could happily sit in that chair for a day or three.

I've been looking for a big station clock like that for years. The hunt goes on.

And look at this lovely patchwork - makes me want to go get my sewing machine out of the attic. I love that zig-zag pattern.

And a lovely wood burning stove.

This is my dream bedroom - books, a high bed and a stripey blanket. I've always liked a little room, like a cabin on a ship.

The book overall has some delightful pictures, but if I have any criticism it is that most of the rooms look too rich to really get ideas from. Most of the rooms are very large and contain lots of expensive furniture and accessories. It is not really "crafty" enough for my make do and mend philosophy. Lots of nice pictures though.


  1. Have you tried the F@B paint ? we used it in our kitchen, the modern one and its well worth the extra pounds for its depth of colour and great to work with Kieren

  2. Hi, I'm new to your blog!
    Great post!
    I too have a belfast sink, which is waiting for lots of dishes to be christened in it!
    One day it will happen!

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I share two of your dreams, Primrose, the library room and the belfast sink. These pictures are great and have given me some inspiration for my new house that I move into next Friday - if it ever stops raining here in Australia. Love this blog,

    Patricia Margaret

  4. F&B paints are wonderful I just wish I could get them here in Finland. The woodburning stove is my dream for our summer house.

    Great blog will pass by again.