Monday, 10 January 2011

Crochet Ball Chain

My house is looking really plain now that the decorations are down. Here in the north of the UK, there is generally not much light in the winter so a few pops of colour to cheer us up work well.

I've very happy with the new blankets. Not sure where they will end up, but they are on a chair beside the fireplace today.

Here are the little crochet balls, threaded on a piece of wool, with a crochet chain at each end to tie on. They are quite fiddly to make, so this week, I have only made a little chain, but I like how they cheer up the fireplace.

Homemakerstales asked me whether I used Farrow and Ball paint. I've used "Blackened" for the fireplace , which was previously orange pine, and "Pavillion Gray" for the cupboard in the top picture. I've yet to use F and B wall paints but look forward to choosing some when I'm ready to paint the walls.


  1. I do like your blankies. They're so cheerful looking. I've got two that I bought in charity shops and they cheer me up no end. Don't think I'll ever have the patience to make one myself.

  2. I'm making a pillowcushion and a blanket to cheer up my house, here in Holland it is just the same, little light around this time of year! Brightening up the house is always good! (I'm so happywith my bright-red sofa to cheer up our livingroom!)

  3. I'm just saying 'hello' from Australia, I saw your comment on Rhonda's blog, so I've come for a look. Your knitting troubles sound like my crochet troubles, just can't get the hang of it, not sure where my thumbs go, I drop it all the time....I'm sticking to knitting.

    I'm just renovating my kitchen, and have bought a belfast sink, I think they're more expensive here than there, but I had my heart set on one, lucky I don't have a dad to talk me out of it like yours with the dishwasher. I justified mine by telling myself some people spend more on a flat screen tv upgrade every year..not me.

    Stay warm

  4. Good morning Primrose. I love your white bird and colour balls arrangement. Your crochet and rugs bring a lot of colour to your home.

  5. Those are so cute. I might have to give that a try.