Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Mini Crochet Bunting

You can never have too much bunting in my opinion. Here is my mini crochet bunting, made this afternoon.

The "pattern" if you can call it that is very easy. Chain 2, double crochet twice into the first loop of the chain. That is your first row. Turn it round, chain 1, then double into the hole at the base of the chain1 you just did. The double along to the end, doing an extra double in the end. That is all there is to the pattern - once you get over the first row, its chain1, double in the same chain, then double across and make an extra double in the last chain.

Then sew in the ends, always a bit boring, and chain them together. I did - chain 11 - then single crochet across the top of the first bunting, then chain 5 in between then join on the next one until they are all attached.

Here is a close up, and check out the big green pepper - £1.50 in my local charity shop. I saw it on the shelf, and shouted to my long suffering sister. "I'M GETTING THAT". I was so excited - I think the woman in the shop thought I was a bit demented. As my dad says "You hide your intelligence well". "Thank-you very much" I say.. Hmmm. Maybe it wasn't a compliment :)


  1. Thank you for the instructions for the bunting. It looks great btw. As for the green pepper, of course you had to have it, and at £1.50, it's a positive bargain. (Perfectly normal behaviour if you ask me!)

  2. How lovely, will have a crack at this tonight. And I quite agree- you can never have too much bunting!

  3. Lovely pepper!
    cute Cornishware too!x

  4. Your bunting is super cute! Thanks for sharing:)