Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Crochet Colours

This kitchen island, made entirely of Lego is from Maison Francaise, September 2009 edition.

20,000 pieces of lego, 7 days to construct, and cost about 1000 euros. I showed this to my husband, and instead of saying "madness" there was that wicked glint in his eye. I said - if you had 1000 euros to spare would you? - "yeah" - we both said at the same time :)


I reckon that the choosing of the colours, and colour placement would be a lot like choosing the colours when making a blanket. You know when you've done, say lilac, purple, then do you choose pink, or do you choose yellow? I think that one of the best things about crochet in multi-colour is that interaction of colours. Would be very similar I think making this.

Not so sure what my postman would say when I got the required 53 boxes of lego delivered? Or what my boss would say when I asked for a week off work to play with Lego :)

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