Monday, 31 October 2011

Getting a Straight Crochet Square

This is the pattern I see a lot on the internet - the edging is all done in treble crochet. I've crocheted this up just to demonstrate what I mean. Look at the straight outer edges - they bulge a little in the middle. I'm not happy with this. When it is joined, it will bulge in an ugly way, and the bulges will be magnified at the outer edges of the blanket, giving a wavy, scalloped effect, rather than a straight edge.

Here's an improvement, using trebles in the middle of the outer edge, and extra long trebles for the corners. It has straightened up: the edges no longer bulge, and this would join up nicely, but in my opinion it will give too much white between the flowers. Another reason for not choosing this is that I don't really like doing the long trebles.

So here is the final version which as you can see is also straight edged, but has reduced in size.
 So, this is the one, with trebles in the corners, and half trebles in the middles.


  1. I think I prefer the one with more white, but I can imagine that on other occasions the smaller one would feel more appropriate. The longer trebles are called extended trebles or Elmore stitches. Both of them look so much better don't they. I saw someone else use the extended treble solution a couple of weeks ago.

  2. What an improvement! Thank you for sharing this to stop your fellow crocheters having a disappointing result after the hard work of making a lot of squares.
    (I personally don't do motifs because I hate seaming!)

  3. So so beautiful. I am trying to make your squares. And I showed your blanket to my mother that she loves it very much. I add your blog to my list. Best best wishes...