Monday, 10 October 2011

Little Flowers Cushion

Just found this in a bag in the linen cupboard when I was tidying up. I forgot that I made this cushion front earlier in the year. It is made from Rowan DK wool: lovely colours, but quite expensive so I don't use it much.

Now I need to sew in the ends and sew it onto a cushion cover.

edited to add:

I'm particularly bad at keeping the sleeves around wool, but from memory the colours used were :
008 Marine (mid blue)
044 Frost (pale blue)
046 Tudor Rose (pale pink)
042 Dahlia (mid pink)
037 Port (burgandy pink)
002 Shale (grey)
019 Avocado (green)
036 Kiss (red)
013 Enamel (cream)


  1. Beautiful, Primrose. Do show it when you're finished.

  2. It's beautiful! Talk us through the colours you used please, I'm planning on a Rowan DK Pure wool blanket y'see...

  3. Lovely! The colours are soooo beautiful. I love granny square with white background.
    Regards, saludos