Sunday, 9 October 2011

Summer Squares Blanket

After having advised all travellers to travel as lightly as possible, to pack their possessions into the littlest bag possible. After having packed the car to drive to France for the summer holiday. Small car, 2 kids, 2 adults = one very full car.

Then on my way to pick my husband up at work, to start the journey, I just had to stop at a wool shop for a little look.

I came out of the wool shop, happy with myself, whistling tunelessly, bag in each hand, containing 20 large 100g balls of wool ....oops....literally no room in car at all. I mean... at all.

Youngest child travels to France with feet propped up on case...

Here's the result.

The edges are straight in real life, but today when I took these pictures, it was windy and starting to rain. I held the blanket down with pebbles and my foot, but the edges still look a bit wibbly.

I used 11 colours plus 4 balls of blue for the outline, then zipped round 10 times with odd wool for the border. All of the squares are different, but each one contains all 11 colours.

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