Thursday, 11 March 2010

Curtains for a Zebra Lover

Daughter number one, the teenager, hates flowery, vintage "old stuff" with a passion. Visits to my favourite junk shops, result in the normally good natured teenager turning into an arms-folded, eyes rolling, "how long are you going to be" person. Not for her a lovely Cath Kidston duvet, and painted vintage furniture. Black - Red - IKEA just about sums it up. That's ok. That's her style and I have to admit it looks rather good, but just not my style. So after she swapped bedrooms so that daughter number two, the toddler, could have her old room, she was left with my lovely green toile curtains. When can I get rid of those green things - she shouted, pointing a finger at them. What colour would you like my darling - I said - or something like that. BLACK! Here's the compromise: zebra print. And best of all they cost only the price of a few sewing supplies. I made them from a king sized duvet cut in half, and attached on to the existing curtain linings. And I think, that for black, they look rather nice. Only problem is that as you can see from the edge, my sewing machine has gone a bit wonky - something to do with the stitch tension. I will have to study the manual and see what I can find out.

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