Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Preview of New Blanket in Progress

I love the look of granny square blankets, but have (almost) no patience for the sewing in of the thread ends. I am forcing myself to sew in the ends before I sew each block on to its neighbour. Total progress so far - about 30 blocks made, and only 6 sewn together. Shall I sew in a few ends? I ask myself, or shall I crochet another block. "Crochet another block" wins most of the time. Here are the six sewn together sofar.

And, here are some of the blocks waiting patiently in the queue to be sewn up. Here, let me present to you "ThePurples".

and their cousins "The Greens":


  1. Oh, go on, do sew them together - they're going to look lovely! But I understand why you'd rather crochet more. I'm hardly crafting at all for various reasons at the moment, and you can't force yourself to do a craft activity you don't want to do...

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I shall be in Edinburgh in April, as my parents live there! So I shall see how your spring is coming along by then.

  2. You might want to check out different joining methods for granny squares... You could slip stitch them on the wrong sides, using the top loops only, and it makes for a neat and quick joining. Maybe for your granny cushion... :) Nice colors you have there, very nice.

    Ambar in Puerto Rico

  3. i love this pattern - it seems to be very popular in blogland at the moment! is it the yvestown pattern? i'm new to crocheting but would love to try this1

  4. I completely agree, the joining together of the squares, that is not fun. In fact, that is the sole reason I have not crocheted an actual granny square blanket, only giant grannies. My short attention span just can't handle all that boring joining.