Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wool Tightly Wound into Little Balls

When I'm going on holiday I worry about the wierdest things. Not "Will the hotel be ok", nor "Have the children packed enough warm clothes". I worry about whether I will have enough wool with me. Yes, holidays have seen me frantically roaming a number of European cities now, searching for a wool shop. "STOP! A WOOLSHOP!" I shriek, while the family cower in the back of the car. Getting out of the car in 90 degree heat to go running into a wool shop. Even if you haven't been there, I am sure you are with me in sentiment.

With this in mind, I've wound my granny blanket wool into little balls. It is amazing how small a 50g ball of wool becomes when wound up like this. Ready to fit into a little corner of my suitcase.


  1. Hello, nice to meet you. I had the knitting bug many, many years ago so I can relate a little. If you are ever in australia I can give you some balls that have never been used if you don't mind using balls that are over twenty years old!

  2. you paint a really funny picture, but I too have once been pushed to wondering the streets of a Spanish resort in search of such a shop. And when living in the outback in Oz, could be found knitting in 100 plus degrees!

  3. Hello - I can relate! It's funny how a wool shop can still be appealing in such heat, but it certainly can. Have a lovely trip.

  4. hi
    i've just found you and i'm reading back through your old posts!
    i'm off on holiday next week and i'm wondering if i can take a hook on the plane???


  5. oh I have done that too!