Monday, 15 March 2010

Pink Grannie Vintage Stripe

Pink because of the predominance of pink. Grannie because that is who it is for, rather than it being a Granny. Vintage Stripe because that is the pattern. This is a MAMMOTH blanket - about 7 feet across, designed to fit a big double with lots of overhang. It is a pet hate of mine about blankets, that they are not wide enough for the bed and they leave you cold at the edges.

This is made in a similar wool to the Teenage Vintage Stripe and the Teenage Ripple, but it is from a different manufacturer. It is mostly pinks, lilacs, purples, blues, with a little bit of green, and a lot of white. I find that the key to most crochet blankets is to add a lot of white, since it highlights all of the colour nicely.


  1. Came across to your blog from Attic 24 - I love your blanket! Thanks for sharing x

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!!
    WOW am soooooo enchanted by the idea of granny stripes/vintage stripes, I love tehm so much!
    Your blankie is gorgeous :o)

  3. Also came via attic 24. Looks a lovely blanket!!!