Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Flower Blanket

This blanket is everywhere. I first saw it in one of my housey books - Bazaar Style - or something like it. Easy, I thought. I can easily make that. Not so fast! Much pulling out of hair later. I tried out the pattern at Yvestown. Nice try but it didn't work - fitting the circular flower shape into the square - the pattern was not quite right. I see a lot made like this though, and the edges are slightly rounded, but like Jane at Posy, it just did not quite look right. It was a bit bunched up. Eventually, after much searching, I found the perfect pattern at The key to it is to hdc, dc, triple crochet from the centre to edge of the round after the flower. This makes the square quite square, and not at all out of shape, like the tr, tr, tr pattern I see elsewhere.

I experimented with a puff stitch centre, then with a normal treble cluster (that is what is in the picture above ), and then I tried various sizes of hook. I started to make it up, in a 100% acrylic wool - very nice colours, but somehow, it didn't look right. It was a bit too shiny.

So after much bleating on my part, daughter number one and her dad go out to John Lewis and get me a present - some wool: 100% wool. Ah bliss. I'm so easily pleased. No designer clothes for me. No expensive perfume. Just a few balls of wool, and I'm happy, oh, all week. Here are the first few squares:

I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks and know from experience that I will squish too few clothes into a tiny bag, so that I have space in my case for 20 balls of wool. I know that I am a lost cause.

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