Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Boden Crochet Cardigan

Sometimes you find crochet in unlikely places. Browsing the latest Boden 2012 Spring catalogue which popped through my door, what do I find on page 8 but "Hand Crochet Jacket", available in 3 lovely colours.

Ooh I think, got to get one of those, but then I look at the price: £99. Well, maybe not. I do have a habit of shrinking clothes in the tumble drier.

However, thinking about it again, it would probably take between 10-15 balls to crochet this, at say £5 a ball, so it is not seeming such bad value after all.

And it looks quite reasonable in style, almost like a Chanel inspired jacket. I'm not at all sure about crochet garments generally since I think they look a bit too hippy for my wardrobe, but this one looks quite smart.

We'll see. I'm not exactly rushing to part with £99 for it.

1 comment:

  1. How funny, I've just been looking at the Boden mag....and that cardi caught my eye!I also like the tan boating shoes and the striped wide leg trews....lovely!
    Love Boden!

    But as you say £99 is a lot of £££, the sale is always good value.....I've also found Boden in posh area charity shops....Melx