Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cheering up a Winter Coat

These little flowers are quite easy to make. Once you have got the hang of it, they are quite addictive.

The way I have sewn this one up is reminiscent of those big huge overblown summer roses. Strange colour for a rose though :) I just wanted something to match this green tweedy coat.


  1. I love the rose on our coat. I have a beautiful crochet rose someone sent me and I think it would be perfect to cheer up my coat.

  2. Good morning! This is my morning saunter down your garden path, now I have found your blog I shall enjoy these moments of inspiration. I really like your green rose, perhaps not a colour that would first come to mind, but it looks so well on your coat. By the way, Little House on the Prairie series was the favourite night time read for my children many years ago, ..... now as a Nanna I still enjoy the whole set, plus her husband's story. Have a wonderful day, it is glorious here :0)
    kind regards,
    Val xx Berkshire

  3. Consider purchasing two coats. If your climate changes rapidly, your child might need one coat for fall and spring and a heavier coat for the winter.