Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Inspirational Interiors with Crochet

I've been interested in interiors for ever it seems, and regardless of what is in fashion, the same favorite themes keep popping up over the years. I love pale blue, the colour of sky, like the colour in the photograph above.
I also like pale rooms, pale walls, pale painted furniture, white, grey, cream. The details change a little with fashion, but the basics are the same.
And roses. Now I'm well aware that rose perfume can be a little bit too granny and not enough chic, but I don't care. For me, nothing can beat a big rose perfumed bubble bath - it's a shame I don't have room for a bath in my current tiny bathroom - showers only for me at the moment.
Finally, I love old brass and iron bedsteads, especially in this design, and especially when they are painted.
But most of all I love a crochet blanket. Who could resist sleeping in the bed shown above?

All photographs in this post are from the book shown in the first photograph. Now, I bought this book specifically because it had a crochet blanket on the front cover, and was terribly disappointed to find that the same photo inside the book had been cropped and had lost the blanket. However, this was more than made up for by the other photos in the book.

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  1. Gorgeous images, Primrose. Funnily enough the last pic of the bed looks a tad like my bed !!! Hahaha.