Sunday, 15 January 2012

More Utility Crochet

Now, I must warn you, not everyone likes this idea. :)

Mr Prim can't stop laughing when he sees me making these. It is a step too far for him. You're not crocheting Brillo pads again are you, he says, laughing uncontrollably.

For those not in the UK, "Brillo" is a brand name for little wire wool soap filled scouring pads used for dish-washing, particularly for getting the difficult burnt on food off metal grill pans etc.

If you crochet little rounds of natural gardening twine (which feels quite rough to touch), then it makes acceptable little scouring pads.

I prefer to use these, because using steel wool pads and throwing them away after one use, or possibly two, is too extravagant for me. These are cheap as chips and you can launder them if you want to use them more than once.

You will notice that I have just cut the ends, and not sewn them in. I tie a tight knot and then cut. They don't unravel, but if they do, then it doesn't really matter, since you are probably using them only once or twice.

Back tomorrow with prettier crochet :)

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