Saturday, 14 January 2012

Utility Crochet

These cotton crocheted squares, about 20 cm square, are useful as both face cloths, and as general cloths in the kitchen. I colour code them so that the kids don't wash their face with a kitchen cloth. I have some I made about a year or so ago, and they are barely showing signs of wear. They shrink a tiny little amount when they are tumble dried but they loosen up again as they are used.  I have crocheted similar ones in various stitches, mostly treble stitch, and half treble. These are the first of this pattern, so I will see how these ones work. I prefer to use these to disposable kitchen cloths.
These silver ones are a bit of an experiment. They are not cotton, but a synthetic mixture, and are quite shiny. These will not work as wash cloths. I'm hoping that they will be good polishing cloths for mirrors.

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