Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Choosing a Lining for a Crochet Bag

It is always necessary to line a crochet bag to be used for shopping or books. If you put something heavier than a lettuce in a bag like this then the handles will stretch. Before you know it, the straps will be on your shoulder and the bag will be knocking the backs of your knees.
So, to prevent this, and to make it look nicer inside, then line it.

Sounds easy, and it is, but the difficult part for me is choosing an appropriate lining. This was the first one I thought of: a delicious ice cream parlour pink polka dot. Almost tempted to use it, but there is barely enough fabric, and I want to use it for something else.
So here's my second choice. Although this matches one of the blues in the bag, and the fabric is a great colour, it is just too blue for the white background of the bag.

Here is the bonkers option. I love this tartan fabric, and bizarrely it goes quite well in a competing clashing way. However, the fabric is 100% wool and a bit stretchy so alas it will not solve my bag knocking knees problem.
So rather boringly, here is what I have decided upon. A piece of blackout blind cotton. It is soft, completely opaque and quite strong without being heavy. Exactly what I need.


  1. Love the polka dot pink option but you have to be practical some times ;-)) Happy sewing. dee x

  2. I made hippy bags years ago and at the time I didn't think to line them. Needless to say the bags ended up down to our ankles LOL. I hope I can somehow line them still and get them back up where they belong. Any sugestions?

  3. I just came across this older posting in your blog and think that your choice for the lining of your crochet bag is perfect! The other colours may have spoilt the uniform look of the white background. Lovely crochet pattern by the way, I love those flowers!
    Another passionate crochet-fan! Sandra