Monday, 9 January 2012

More Crochet Inspiration - Pale Blanket

I'm still continuing with my post a day about crochet, but I don't have much to show you today from my own crochet: first full week back at work, kids back to school, one of them sitting exams, husband away to Europe on business - it has all gone a bit mad here :) So, here, for inspiration,  is a pale blanket, also from the fleamarket style book.

Now, I'm not at all sure about whether I would have the patience to do a whole blanket, all in the same colour. I think that this looks very nice, and it would match well with the pale creams and greys colour scheme in my bedroom, but I think on balance I prefer colourful blankets. For me, a lot of the enjoyment in crochet is the colour interaction, in choosing contrasting colours sometimes, nice complementary colours other times, or wild clashing colours.

On balance, I think I'll pass on this one for the moment.

Still continuing to crochet together the 100 Flowers - I'm up to 120 flowers joined together, with another 80 to sew on. Not much to show you in pictures yet.


  1. I am with you on the colours the blanket above is very lovely in its design but very bland. Look forward to seeing your photo's of the flowers, dee x

  2. I prefer the design of this blanket to the granny square one. I never liked granny squares until I realised that they are not all the same and that some of them had a prettier design. It is the basic one like in the other post that I don't like so well. I would make this design but use colour with it. I like the colours in the other design - I am fond of cream with colour but there is a bit too much cream in that blanket, so it doesn't show off the colours well enough. There are many nicer granny blankets like flowers in the snow, which are similar to the granny square but just so much prettier.

    I think there is simplicity and beauty in a plain coloured blanket too if the design is right. So for me this blanket would work well in both colour and plain. However, it would be a dull blanket to work in just one colour I think.

  3. But think how few yarn ends to weave in with a single colour blanket if you joined as you went!

  4. Maybe make it in an ombre? I can think of a few multi color yarns I would maybe use.